A UBI has a couple of glaring weakness. It keeps the economy pegged to capital instead of labor, and it isn’t countercyclical to the business economic cycle so is guaranteed to be inflationary.

A federally funded guaranteed job program would solve both and keep people connected to their society. The program, if participation were at the discretion of the worker, would set a floor for employment in wage and benefits also making it more expensive for lousy authoritarian employers to keep a workforce. Politicians would find it very politically difficult to cut the pay or benefits of the program, giving the people control of production again. Breaking the lock between jobs provided by corporations and the health of the economy would allow people to claim a bigger share of productivity.

Such a program that pays a liveable wage and offers benefits other nations have taken for granted for decades would let Americans catch up with the industrialized world that it used to lead. It would end the utility of using interest rates to moderate the economy with unemployment which always landed on minority populations. It would protect supply chains from collapse and provide countercyclical injections of the fiat currency when needed.

It makes little difference where things are made as long as consumers have money to purchase them. Once people figure out that the oligarchs “AREN’T” the job creators they will make them irrelevant to the economy, which is the best way to deal with them. You don’t fund your government. Your government funds you, and always has.

Meandering to a different drummer.