Biden wasted no time settling into politics as usual.

The stimulus he promised in mid-summer when he was trying to appear “progressive” to court Bernie voters was quite different from the proposal he has forwarded, and he has bundled several deal killers for Republicans and conservaDems in the package that guarantee push back in the Senate, if not both houses. His objective is clearly not getting money into the hands of hurting Americans as quickly as possible, and he appears to be more concerned with political infighting than actually helping those who elected him.

A clean bill to provide a $2000 check to those who satisfied the criteria for the first and second stimulus rounds would sail through Congress with all but unanimous approval. Treasury and the Fed are already geared up for it and it is no more difficult to do than was the $600 pitiful crumb offering. It was even given Trump’s stamp of approval prior to the election. The only way the current bill is going to make it through the Senate is for the Dem majority to use budget reconciliation considering that it also contains the $15 minimum wage and other poison pills that Republicans simply aren’t going to swallow. Budget reconciliation will take weeks, if not months, to actually get money into the hands of those in dire need, not to mention the eviction moratorium and many state aid provisions that have broad approval in both parties at the moment.

Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer are marking their territory like dogs while their constituents are desperately trying to preserve what little of our economy is left in the face of a global pandemic that was grossly mishandled here. They talk of “unity” at the same time that they pick a long drawn out fight with McConnel and the GOP. All three of them are easily some of the longest serving members of Congress and bear considerable responsibility for the plight of the people, and for the election of Trump. Their records are quite easily searched via their voting on the many policies and bills that enabled Trump and did great harm to their country.

Meandering to a different drummer.

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