Congress Is A Fiduciary-Shouldn’t It Be Expected To Act Like One?

Keith Evans
4 min readOct 26, 2021
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Can America Restore The Fiduciary Role Of Congress To Act On Behalf Of The Citizens?

A fiduciary is someone who has undertaken to act for and on behalf of another in a particular matter in circumstances which give rise to a relationship of trust and confidence.Lord Millett, Bristol and West Building Society v Mothew[4]

When people look for someone to represent their best interest they look for others who show a particular talent or training that they don’t possess themselves. This is generally in relation to their finances or legal matters, hoping that they can benefit from the expertise of their representatives in such matters. They can, or should, expect that the persons selected have both the required expertise and the ethics required to avoid conflicts of interest and personal gains. There is even a subsection of law that regulates such ethics and numerous certification/license requirements for one who chooses to label themselves as experts in the various fields that fall under the category of fiduciary.

It is only in politics that the requirements of the position are entirely moot and our fiduciaries are only held to the level of expertise and ethics that we possess, which a short conversation with an average American would show to be seriously lacking. We keep electing…