Democrats Are Now the Fiscally Conservative Party

Keith Evans
6 min readDec 29, 2021

It Will Mean Their Demise, And Possibly Ours.


They really had no choice after railing against Trump’s tax cuts as “deficit blowouts” and supporting long-defunct myths surrounding federal spending that were barely applicable when we did that gold standard foolishness. Even Bernie hung his political hat on “taxing the rich” to “pay for” his imagined social programs for so long that it was not possible to get away from it, even if his party would allow it.

Thinking that Joe Manchin is the culprit denying Biden his victory in the Build Back Better bill may be comforting to the “vote blue, no matter who” crowd that promised we could push Biden to the left, but it isn’t at all accurate. The truth should have dawned on them when the President reneged on his promise of $2000 stimulus checks, claiming that Trump’s $1400 checks were part of that promise and only delivering $600.

He passed on an opportunity to come out of the starting gate with a sure political winner in favor of his party’s corporate donors who didn’t benefit from a workforce that had more options than risking their lives in a pandemic to support themselves or their families and who he promised: “nothing will fundamentally change”. That wasn’t the message one might take away from his campaigning, even as little of that as he did after the DNC and…