It’s certainly hard to argue with any of the points you made, but they also fail to tell the whole story of the political shift of our country rightward. RayGun’s attack on labor and its unions went all but unopposed by the left. His slashing of top marginal tax rates that had served to drive investment toward productive industry and shareholder equity instead of unproductive financial instruments also met little resistance. In fact, many political insiders still state that he was just a step ahead of Democrats in this as the party was already well into abandoning their base in labor in favor of the deep pockets of Wall St and banking.

By the time Democrats got a realistic shot at the White House and congressional majority they were totally beholding to the neoliberal agenda of market supremacy and imperialism, which Clinton wasted no time in cementing into our nation’s economy with his “surplus” motivated fiscal policy and continued foreign interventions, including the election of Yeltsin in Russia. Clinton’s Presidency was very well summed up by a heckler at one of his campaign events where he touted his “job creation” efforts. The heckler shouted, “Ya, I’ve got three of them”.

Both parties have committed to inadequate fiscal spending policy to counter the sequestering of currency in wealth accumulation and its exportation in trade deficits, forcing middle-class Americans to finance their own wages with private sector debt leveraging that gave us the great recession of ’08. The fact that almost all of the massive deficit spending used to bring America back from the edge of economic ruin went to the same people who caused the destruction without a single prosecution is an apt analogy to the priorities of the “new way” Democratic President that ran as a progressive. Both parties also like to beat Americans about the head and shoulders with the meaningless numbers of the debt while they fully utilize the sovereign fiat currency to finance their imperialism anywhere that has brown people.

Attempting to throw shade on the right exclusively for our deteriorating national integrity or economic status is completely disingenuous and misleading. In spite of decades of campaign rhetoric aimed at the illusion of difference between the current right and left the fiscal and foreign policies of several administrations has proceeded as an unbroken line. Even as Americans working multiple full-time jobs are worried about their SNAP benefits being cut the financial sector has grown from 7% of GDP in ’84 to over 20% today, and the rate of that growth accelerated “after” the crash caused by Wall St speculation and middle class leveraging of its private debt.

Meandering to a different drummer.

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