It's difficult for any thinking individual not to agree with your assessment of the GOP. However, that only outlines the half of the story that allows Democrats to feel superior and denies the reality of neoliberalism that is threatening to sweep the globe into a state of fascism that only bloody revolutions will free us from.

The two-party system that America is locked into is only a political theatrical method of dividing us against each other and preventing any solidarity in opposition to the oligarchy that becomes more emboldened with each election. None of the issues you outlined are of any concern to that oligarchy as they know they have us firmly by the balls as long as we allow them to remain in control of the purse strings.

The right-wing GOP simply adopted the philosophy of the extremist John Birch Society in order to allow political space for the Democrats to move into the space it previously occupied pre-Reagan. It is crazy by design and the fact that the Democrats didn't make more headway against it is only a testament to the level of crazy among the American voting populace and the lack of contrast offered by Democrats.

If any doubt of this exists one only has to consider the rapid transition from Democratic dominance to the GOP in the south during the civil rights movement. I was there and I can tell you that the ones beating me and turning the fire hoses on me were, to a person, Democrats. Many "Dixiecrats" are still Democrats in party affiliation only and vote Republican with straight-line tickets every election.

One could also take into consideration the Democrats' propensity to wage imperialistic wars even when it is the GOP that is better known as the aggressors. It was Obama that moved us into seven wars after campaigning against the one war Bush started. It's hard to know if his motivation was anything more than envy.

Meandering to a different drummer.