Pelosi Must Begin Impeachment To Save The Country.

In a perfect world, we would need no laws beyond the Constitution. The founders, realizing the world is far from perfect, gave instructions concerning who is authorized to create maximum limits to the extent our elected officials be allowed to vary from the intent of that Constitution and the punishments for overstepping those. That authority was purposefully withheld from the Executive in their wisdom to avoid a dictatorship that would impose the rule of a majority approval over the purpose of our rights and liberties.

Somewhere, at some time in our history, this concept was abandoned and the Executive was given far too much power to decide what is legal and what isn’t. For many of those laws, their death came along with the Patriot Act and the implementation of Homeland Security. However, many were simply tossed in the dustbin via acceptance by the people. There isn’t a day that goes by that some previously assumed illegal atrocity isn’t announced on social media and credited to Trump. Without any action from Congress, it appears that the very essence of our legal and regulatory systems have been altered.

Trump displays every symptom of a narcissistic bully, and the current GOP shows every sign of falling into the limitless acceptance of his narcissism by opportunists that gather around such bullies. We no longer have public servants in Congress working for the best interests of their constituencies. We now have, primarily, two teams doing whatever is necessary to promote their “side”, the people be damned in the process. Our political system has become so polarized that to stray from the defense of party leadership, even in standing for the principles of the foundation documents, cannot be allowed.

I can’t imagine that the entirety of the GOP believes that gutting every regulatory agency and institution of the federal government is a wise decision. Neither can I believe that any of our elected officials, however they may posture it, believe that what our political system, especially the Presidency, has evolved into is normal. Politics, now accepted as sufficient motivation for any action, or lack of, of the government, is systematically shredding American values. That our political competition has been reduced to grade school like competition, complete with assigned derogatory nicknames, by this President is undeniable, as is the fact that it now dominates every minute of governance and media coverage.

Trump has uttered over ten thousand easily disproved lies since his election, and they aren’t even subtle. This is not accidental, or just a harmless character flaw. This is how narcissists wear down any opposition to their actions or the concept of their superiority in all things. Eventually, correcting their lies simply becomes too much of a task for the people around them to take on, and the big lies stand uncorrected in the continuous flow of little lies.

Obviously, Trump doesn’t have “the best words”, just as he didn’t have the biggest crowd in history at his inauguration. While those should have been red flags to any thinking American, they seemed too trivial for us to dwell on, especially when they were followed by a continuous bombardment of similar, and much more serious lies. Having watched similar dysfunctional personalities tear down their families and everyone they touched, I am only surprised that America, the country that takes great pride in personal independence, was so quickly cowed by a mediocre, at best, narcissist.

Comparing Trump to Hitler is, in spite of numerous attempts by his detractors, simply giving him too much credit. He, if such comparison to historical figures is at all productive, is more aligned with Kim Jung Un, the childlike bully now assuming leadership of North Korea that Trump openly admires. Only if America assimilates the worship of its leader that North Koreans show for their comical President, with full acceptance by the “opposition”, will he be allowed to serve out even his first term, much less be re-elected. Don’t take his talk of remaining in office past the two-term limitation now in place casually. Mixed into the barrage of constant lies is a purpose that all narcissists share. Unquestioned loyalty and forced adoration.

Americans have accepted the placement of team spirit and party over their best interests for too long, and it is now in dangerous territory for our democratic process. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t need any proof of Trump’s unsuitability for the Presidency beyond what she now has in abundance to impeach this monster. She states that she prefers to see him in prison, but the demand for accomplishing that far exceeds those for impeachment.

We assume that McConnell’s Senate is not going agree, but that will be their undoing if proceedings begin before next year’s elections. Then again, there may be a few statesman patriots left in the GOP dominated Senate, especially considering the damage being done with tariffs and similar tantrums, who fear for our country under Trump and McConnell’s absolute rule. Making buyer’s remorse an issue in the elections may be to the DNC’s advantage. I’m sure, spoken or unspoken, there is plenty of it among Independents, if not moderate Republicans.

Meandering to a different drummer.

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