So much for Biden’s attempt at reconciling with the GOP.

The latest round of stimulus benefits shows just how much is to be gained in any attempt to work with Republicans. The same people who were appointed by Trump to head the SSA and the IRS, and managed to very quickly distribute funds when Trump’s name was on the checks, suddenly couldn’t repeat the process to get desperate Americans their funds. Sadly, it didn’t even matter that the Americans harmed by this are also those most likely to vote for GOP candidates, Social Security and Veteran benefit recipients. They, rabid in their treason, will throw anyone to the wolves to discredit the federal government that they hate so much.

Biden should “immediately” fire “any” person in a position of management of our government that is affiliated with the treasonous GOP, especially those who were appointed during the Trump administration. After the attempted coup/insurrection of Jan 6th he would be wise to simply label the GOP as a terrorist organization and clean house of them in our government. If he continues to fall into the “work across the aisle” trap that always only benefits Republican ideologies and policies we will see continued sabotage of our government.

This is already evident in the corruption of the USPS and the way its finances are being presented to Congress by its inept and corrupt leadership. The US Postal Service has long been a target for eradication to the GOP in spite of it being mandated by the Constitution that they claim is so precious to them. The only thing precious to a Republican, including American citizens, is corporate profits.

If Biden can’t honestly admit that we have a more serious problem with anti-democratic/fascist forces now than we did pre-civil war and oust every last one of them wherever he can then he is complicit in their treason and can be counted among the fascist enemies of America. That goes for any Democrat representative who votes with Republican traitors as well. Biden has the power to shut down any DNC support and funding for any Democrat in office as the new party head and should use that to assure loyalty, as Trump did so well.

Meandering to a different drummer.