The Answer To The Worker Shortage Is Single-Payer Healthcare.

Keith Evans
4 min readSep 3, 2022
Photo by Markus Frieauff on Unsplash

While I don’t believe there is an actual worker shortage as much as there is a shortage of people still below their BS tolerance, I will proceed as if it is a “thing”.

There is a stable of workers currently doing nothing productive in our economy and likely looking for an opportunity to contribute. The surprise for most people, especially politicians and economists, is that they are also currently working and earning a living. I’m talking about the many people we assume are filling some vital role in our healthcare system because they work for the providers of our healthcare and are often the first contact we have with those providers or are the people we deal with after we receive a service/treatment. They are the people who navigate the extremely complex and difficult path to obtaining payment for the providers who treat us, so they are important while also doing mostly non-productive work.

These people only benefit the insurance industry, although most of them don’t work directly for that industry and are a cost factor for Drs. and hospitals. They are paid to be experts in the various rules and form submittals the industry demands from our healthcare providers if they wish to be paid for their services. Each insurance provider will have different demands and forms and different products that must be complied…