The debt ceiling is supported by both conservatives and neoliberal Democrats because it offers them an excuse to do nothing while preserving the horrible status quo that is now reality for the working class. The fact that it is a useless law only meant to promote misinformation and garner support among voters for their own economic demise should not be overlooked. The fallacy of the monopoly issuer of our currency functioning as if it were just another household, required to "get" money from someplace to enable its spending is simply too easy to sell to the generally econ illiterate populace, so don't expect it to go away without a fight.

There has never been, or will ever be, anything that is "unaffordable" to our federal lawmakers, but the simple act of setting arbitrary limitations on its spending; ie Social Security, Medicare etc, is all that is required to dupe the average voter into thinking they are supporting good stewardship when they are really cutting their own throats.



Meandering to a different drummer.

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