The Republican Coup Did Not End With The Attempt To Take Over The Capital.

The coup being perpetrated on the US government is going on under our noses in the Senate, and Democrats are, again, rolling over.

The Senate itself is completely anti-democratic, but the rules it has adopted for itself with little fanfare or public knowledge have effectively usurped the democratic process as it was intended by the founders. It was bad enough that a single Senator could shut down any legislation with a filibuster that became effortless under McConnel, but now we find that the only way around such tyranny, budget reconciliation, is limited to two bills by an unelected and mostly unknown parliamentarian.

Biden is limited to two bills to enact even his mediocre agenda and he’s not raising hell about it? Can you imagine the uproar if this limitation was enforced on Trump and McConnel? For about a month after the election, the press was prolifically wondering how McConnel would take to having to step down from the leadership and give control over to Schumer. He actually took it quite well, but that is because he lost nothing.

With the 60 vote rule firmly ensconced and a Democratic party of spineless wimps who only ran to stuff their pockets with the full support of their neoliberal party, he will simply continue the agenda of no legislation benefiting the people passing the Senate he boldly announced in ’08 after Obama’s election. He could have lost 7 more seats (8 if Manchin’s true affiliation were recognized) and still remained “King” of America. The only potential for stopping him and his treasonous party lies in Schumer moving to abolish the filibuster, but don’t hold your breath waiting.

Meandering to a different drummer.

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